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Good oral hygiene is a preventive measure to avoid or delay gum diseases, tooth decay and dental erosion. A good dental hygiene routine combined with disciplined diet and eating habits is the way to healthy teeth and gums. Read some of our tips listed below and for one-to-one consultations please visit Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry services and have dental plans to help you handle your finances.
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Daily checklist for good oral health

Daily checklist for good oral health

  • Brush thoroughly twice every day - use good fluoride-based toothpaste and follow the proper brushing technique
  • Use a fluoride mouth rinse, if your dentist recommends it
  • Floss every day
Free oral hygiene advice

Good habits for oral hygiene

  • Allow a two and half hour gap between your meals
  • Limit the consumption of sugary foods and fizzy drinks - fizzy drinks or acidic foods contribute to tooth erosion
  • Reduce or stop smoking as it increases the risks for gum diseases
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