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Protect your teeth and jaws from damage during sports with a professionally fitted mouthguard. Facial or oral injuries account for 26% of sports injuries, with fractured and avulsed teeth being a common problem seen in children who take part in sports. Custom-made mouthguards or gum shields are therefore required while playing sports that involve physical contact or moving objects such as cricket, football, boxing and so on.

In the event of external force on the mouth during a fall, missed hit or any other sports accident, the mouthguard absorbs most of the shock and thus reduces the extent of the fracture or injury. It is even known to prevent concussions and injuries to the jaw, neckline and the brain by cushioning the blow. Visit Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd today and our professionals will be happy to make you a custom-fit mouthguard.

Some FAQs about mouthguards

Custom-fit sports mouthguards in Swansea

Why can't I just get a home kit?

There are make-at-home mouthguard kits available in the market which require you to heat the product in water and then put it in your mouth untill it sets. But these applications are thinnest where protection is most needed, fit badly, are uncomfortable and might fall out when most needed or even cause choking.

It is always recommended to get your mouthguards made by a professional. We take an accurate impression of your mouth and note how the jaws bite together to make a mouthguard that comfortably fits your teeth.
coloured mouthguards

Can I get coloured mouthguards?

Absolutely. Whether you require it in your favourite colour or want it to blend well with your sports team, we are here to help.

What do I do if I knock a tooth out?

  • Although we are taking preventive measures in order to avoid damage or loss of teeth, it is a good idea to know how to deal the situation should it arise.
  • If you can find the tooth, and it is clean, put it back into the socket or keep it in your mouth - the alternative is to put it in a cup of milk
  • Don't hold the tooth at its roots as it is surrounded by fragile ligaments that need to be intact if the tooth has to be replaced
  • Visit a dentist as soon as possible - the dentist will replace the tooth with a splint fastened to the teeth on both sides and later remove the splint
This procedure has a high success rate but you will most certainly need more treatment in the future. You can also visit us for general and cosmetic dentistry.
Get a professionally fitted sports mouthguard in Swansea.
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