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We provide primary dental care for all ages.

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Your adult teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime so get them checked every six months and follow a good dental and oral hygiene routine to maintain your teeth properly. A check-up is a pre-emptive attack on potential problems and will help you attend to dental health concerns at an early stage and in the long run save money on dental bills. Browse our comprehensive and affordable dental health plans .

You can also visit Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd for aligners, mouthguards, children's dental care and cosmetic dentistry services. Read our patient testimonials to get a good understanding of the quality of our services.
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Dental cleaning, filling and crowns

Dental cleaning, filling and crowns

Visit our clinic for routine checks, dental cleans, cavity fillings and related services. Listed below are some general dentistry terms explained.
  • Dental cleaning - scale and polish and floss followed by personalised dental hygiene advice
  • Fillings - filling in the part of the tooth that has decayed
  • Crowns - tooth caps or artificial teeth that are fitted over broken or damaged teeth
Dental bridges and root canal treatment

Dental bridges and root canal treatment

When a tooth is decayed to a large extent or if the 'pulp', which is the tooth tissue, is infected, you may require root canal treatment to preserve what remains of your tooth. The pulp is removed and replaced by a sealant and then finished with a crown. Should a tooth need to be removed, dental bridges are anchored between two crowns to replace the lost tooth. 
No matter what you dental requirements, our professionals will be happy to sit with you and explain the entire procedure so that you are comfortable and confident about the procedure.
Visit Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd in Swansea for dental cleaning, cavity filling, crowns, root canal treatment and other general dentistry services. Call us on

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