Cosmetic Dentistry

Sport a winning smile with cosmetic dentistry

Correct any dental concerns you may have and regain confidence in your smile.

Aesthetics treatments for your teeth in Swansea

Over the years, some of our daily indulgences such as tea, coffee, red wine, fizzy drinks and even antibiotics have led to the staining of teeth. Stained, crooked or uneven teeth can lead to a feeling of self-consciousness. But no more! Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd helps people to learn to love their smile again with professional cosmetic dentistry. 

Visit us today for an initial consultation.  We also provide aesthetic facial treatments.
Teeth whitening and fitting of veneers

Teeth whitening and fitting of veneers

Are you looking to brighten your teeth with whitening toothpaste? While it is a good way to go about it, we will be happy provide teeth whitening services for immediate and impressive results. We also fit veneers. Veneers are small, thin slivers of porcelain that are used to cover tooth discolouration and damage, adjust tooth size, close spaces and correct other dental aesthetic concerns.
Dental treatments package for weddings

Dental treatments package for weddings

For a full dental health assessment, and a range of dentistry services for you and one member of your wedding party contact Manor Road Dental Practice and ask about ‘Wedding Packages’. We provide customised dental packages according to your and your friend's dental health requirements. 
Manor Road Dental Practice Ltd provides teeth whitening, veneer fitting and many other cosmetic dentistry services. Visit our dental clinic in Swansea or call us on

01792 653 826

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